File Format Plain Text

This file contains the Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType feature definitions. This file is optional. If it is not defined in the UFO, there is no feature data.

It is important to note that the features file may contain data that is a duplicate of or data that is in conflict with the data in kerning.plist, groups.plist and fontinfo.plist. Synchronization between the files is not a requirement of this specification. Synchronization is up to the user and application developers.


The file must be a plain text file and it should be in AFDKO FEA syntax. If a feature file is present, it must be self-contained; for example, any glyph or mark classes must be defined within the file. No assumption should be made about the validity of the syntax.

Any include() statements must be relative to the UFO path, not to the features.fea file itself.


@myClass = [a b c];

feature liga {
  sub f i by fi;
  sub f l by fl;
} liga;