File Format XML Property List

This file contains information about the font itself, such as naming and dimensions. This file is optional. Not all values are required for a proper file.


The property list data consists of a dictionary at the top level. The keys and values are as follows.

key type description
ascender integer or float Ascender value.
capHeight integer or float Cap height value.
copyright string Copyright statement.
createdBy string Creator of the font, for example the foundry.
descender integer or float Descender value.
defaultWidth integer or float Value for the width of new glyphs.
designer string Name of the designer
designerURL string URL for the designer.
familyName string Family name.
fondID integer Macintosh OS FOND resource number.
fondName string Macintosh OS FOND name.
fontName string Font name.
fontStyle integer Style code. 64=regular, 1=italic, 32=bold and 33=bold italic.
fullName string Full name.
italicAngle float Italic angle.
license string License text.
licenseURL string URL for the license.
menuName string Menu name.
msCharSet integer MS Char Set flag.
note string Arbitrary notes about the font.
notice string A notice about the font.
otFamilyName string OpenType specific family name.
otStyleName string OpenType specific style name.
otMacName string Macintosh and OpenType specific name.
slantAngle float Slant angle.
styleName string Style name.
trademark string Trademark statement.
ttUniqueID string Unique ID for TrueType fonts.
ttVendor string Four character vendor code.
ttVersion string TrueType version.
uniqueID integer PostScript ID number.
unitsPerEm integer or float Units per em.
vendorURL string URL for the font vendor.
versionMajor integer Major version.
versionMinor integer Minor version.
weightName string The width “name.” This corresponds with the OpenType OS/2 table usWeightClass field names.
weightValue integer Value for the weight. This corresponds with the OpenType OS/2 table usWeightClass field values.
widthName string This corresponds with the OpenType OS/2 table usWidthClass field names.